Information technology (IT)

Proper use of information technology allows a business to develop systematically and without excessive costs. However, in most companies there are not enough competences to evaluate the effectiveness of investments in IT projects or information systems.

Examination of IT projects

For most companies that do not specialize in IT services, conducting IT projects is often a thimble game, where the contractor pockets your budget in exchange for deceived expectations. This applies to everything - automatization projects, the introduction of ready-made solutions, the modernization of computer networks and much more. You are forced to spend colossal funds and rely only on the decency of partners and their professionalism.

  • 72 IT project expertises made

The task of our experts in the expert assessment of an IT project is to help businesses avoid unnecessary costs and understand which parts of the project are really significant, which can be neglected, and which unreasonably affect the cost of the project. This will allow you to visually see the bottlenecks of the project and qualitatively evaluate the work of your own IT service or contractors, without overpaying for the result.