“KPFM” is a team of professionals successfully working in the field of audit, finance, law, taxes and information technology. We always take responsibility for the decisions made, all up to the final point.

Legal service

The potential of our lawyers may be required for projects that where a team is needed, ready to perform complex, non-standard designs that are impractical to impose on the structural units of your business, and it is possible (and sometimes - necessary) to instruct external executor.


Defense lawyer

Our lawyers specialize in providing skilled assistance to businesses and individuals in civil, arbitration, administrative and criminal cases that are associated with a business or activities of public institutions, supervisory and regulatory authorities. Our priority goal is to make the lives of our clients as comfortable and safe as possible.


Tax advice

Tax consulting is one of the main activities of our company. Our team has tax lawyers, tax consultants and auditors who have experience in supporting major projects in the field of tax law: projects, both in the area of resolving disputes with tax authorities (with minimal losses for our clients) and in the field of tax planning, whose goal is the maximum use of legal methods for which the tax authorities have no complaints. In this case, we are guided by the principle of "do no harm."


Financial advisory

We will help your business to evaluate and analyze financial projects, to attract funding for these projects, building relationships with government agencies, financial and banking organizations. Our company has concluded agency agreements and cooperation agreements with leading banks, which help to quickly resolve many issues of our clients.


Information technology (IT)

Proper use of information technology allows a business to develop systematically and without excessive costs. However, in most companies there are not enough competences to evaluate the effectiveness of investments in IT projects or information systems.