Information technology (IT)

Proper use of information technology allows a business to develop systematically and without excessive costs. However, in most companies there are not enough competences to evaluate the effectiveness of investments in IT projects or information systems.


An audit of any IT-systems, both new and long used, is either a confidence that the system still meets the requirements of the business, or a signal for modernization. Our IT-experts have not only a wealth of experience in building and automating complex information systems, but also many years of practice in comparing the business objectives of companies with the applied IT-solutions.

  • 46 IT audits made

Especially valuable in our work is the experience of conducting an express audit in the shortest possible time (no more than 2 weeks). Express audit allows the company’s management to explain the overall efficiency and modernity of the applied IT systems and solutions, as well as to draw up a detailed list of recommendations and a plan for reducing IT costs.