Defense lawyer

Our lawyers specialize in providing skilled assistance to businesses and individuals in civil, arbitration, administrative and criminal cases that are associated with a business or activities of public institutions, supervisory and regulatory authorities. Our priority goal is to make the lives of our clients as comfortable and safe as possible.

Lawyers for antitrust investigations

Offenses in the field of antitrust law represent a new area for our country, the negative consequences of which for businesses and their managers are greatly underestimated, while the powers of the antitrust service and the sanctions they impose are rapidly expanding. Protecting your interests requires not only specialized, but also a number of special knowledge (in the field of information technology, preparation and conduct of bidding, psychology), which can be provided by our lawyers. We accompany inspections and investigations conducted by the Federal Antimonopoly Service, and often minimize their negative effects.

  • 67 claims by the FAS Russia withdrawn