Tax advice

Tax consulting is one of the main activities of our company. Our team has tax lawyers, tax consultants and auditors who have experience in supporting major projects in the field of tax law: projects, both in the area of resolving disputes with tax authorities (with minimal losses for our clients) and in the field of tax planning, whose goal is the maximum use of legal methods for which the tax authorities have no complaints. In this case, we are guided by the principle of "do no harm."

Tax planning

The tax code does not contain such a thing as “tax planning” and does not fix any rights to its use and methods, methods of its use. However, in today's conditions (increased pressure on business from the fiscal and law enforcement agencies, the ongoing economic crisis, low profitability), tax planning often allows a business to survive.

When providing services in the field of tax planning, our specialists develop and implement exclusively legal schemes for reducing tax deductions. We achieve this by applying the methods of strategic planning of the financial and economic activities of the company.

In the process of providing this service, our specialists go through a series of consecutive steps:

  • analyze the current legislation in relation to a specific area (client's area of activity);
  • choose the optimal combination of legal, contractual structures in relations with counterparties and within the enterprise itself and develop specific business models in this particular case;
  • study the position of tax, other controlling, law enforcement and judicial authorities to similar models of tax planning;
  • as a result of such an analysis, they sum up the results, for example: “The benefit from such optimization methods far exceeds the risks from their implementation” The next stage is developing a system of interaction when dealing with possible risks. The purpose of such work is either eliminating these risks altogether, or reducing them to the minimum acceptable level;
  • develop a detailed implementation plan for tax planning tools.